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Dr Akwa Gilbert is a medical doctor and passionate for the poor and the needy. His story is a beautiful one because he started from below and has accomplished many things. "Everything I have accomplished so far is thanks to my mother of blessed Memory Rev. Sr. Jane Mankaa, a woman who dedicated her life to serving orphans and vulnerable children through education, Health and agriculture. She taught me (Dr Gilbert) to have a vision, dream to reach out to the poor and needy particularly to the orphans and vulnerable children. Mother Jane never failed to remind me constantly that I was picked from the street and constantly encouraged me to take care of the poor and needy in my later life. I am eternally grateful to mother Jane and has taken up this legacy and I have decided to continue in her footsteps".


We engage in meaningful actions that leaves no one behind in ensuring children (boys and girls) as well as their parents meet their health needs.

About our Work

MJ Legacy foundation seeks to provide better health assistance, education, psychosocial support, economic empowerment, agriculture to the poor and the under-privilege children.

  • We provide consultation,laboratory investigation, medications,counseling and to some extent minor surgeries and follow up of the patients in communities.

  • MJ Legacy foundation is so partionate in seeing children going to school and being educated.In this like children who have loss both or one of their parents and can not afford education cost will be our main focus.

  • Mother Jane was so partionate about agriculture that those who could not go to school were encouraged in the field of agriculture.

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